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The secret of curtain matching Source: Shanghai Shihua   Hits: 125    2023-08-03

With the improvement of living standards, home decoration has gradually entered the high-end customization mode. The overall soft decoration curtain wallpaper is matched with 1+1, so that high-end customization of wall decoration is no longer out of reach!

The beige and taupe wall decorations are different from the taupe palm leaves in different layers. With the wooden sofa and tea table, the overall space is quiet, elegant and warm. The curtain head adopts simple I-shaped pleats, plus a bottom edge with arc curves and straight lines, which adds variety to the simplicity, and the gray edge.

Like rippling water and vertical grain of ancient wood, it adopts a simple basic shape, highlighting the water wave texture of the fabric itself and its draping texture, and the side stitching of the Chinese pattern fabric on the side reveals a low-key and elegant atmosphere. The fusion of classic dignity and modern fashion, the whole space is simple and elegant, equipped with brown furniture with new Chinese characteristics, just a pair of tea sets, instantly full of Zen, as if telling the charm of the years, dignified and elegant, as if The faint pure color in the middle emits a ray of light inadvertently, and the addition of crimson purple achieves the fusion of fashion and classics.

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