Technology R & D

GROWELL constantly adopts new technology and new equipment to upgrade the traditional technology and equipment. The automatic production control system, research and development system, and scientific management system are all at the domestic leading level. The company uses first-class management and first-class process equipment to provide customers with professional services.

Growell Technology R & D

Design service

Customer-centric development strategy, controllable development, to ensure customer satisfaction. As a design and R&D solution provider, GROWELL explores new paths for high-quality sustainable development of the industry through technological innovation and model innovation, and helps industrial transformation and upgrading.

Growell Design service

Marketing service

Based on market development and innovation, the marketing concept of "sales first, service first, and comprehensive technical solutions" has been implemented throughout, and the "GROWELL" national brand has been created with heart, which has won the trust of customers and cultivated more than a thousand households at home and abroad to use GROWEL Loyal customers of the product.

Growell Marketing service