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Sun room shade Source: Shanghai Shihua   Hits: 122    2023-08-03

With the improvement of people's material living standards and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, more and more people begin to pay attention to the quality of the living environment. people's favor. However, the sun room also faces a lot of sunlight and high temperature problems in the high temperature season. Therefore, sunshade measures have become one of the necessary decoration methods for the sun room. This article will introduce in detail the relevant content of sun room sunshade decoration, and help users choose and use sunshade materials.

1. Sunshade clothing

The sunshade is a simple, economical and practical sunshade decoration for blocking the sun. There are mainly two kinds of sunshade clothes on the market: a kind of flat sunshade clothes, and another kind of grid sunshade clothes. The flat sunshade refers to the sunshade on the material plane, which is widely used, while the grid sunshade is composed of many small holes and closely connected lines, which has the characteristics of air permeability, cooling and windproof.

The material of sunshade clothing is divided into polyester, polyethylene, glass fiber, etc. Among them, polyester material has a high light transmittance, but its heat insulation performance is relatively average, and polyethylene material has good UV protection and sunshade performance. Therefore, when choosing a sunshade clothing, the light transmission and heat insulation properties of the material should be considered comprehensively.

2. Shutters

Blinds are also a common sunshade decoration material, which can effectively block sunlight without affecting indoor sightlines. At present, the common shutters on the market mainly include aluminum alloy shutters, wooden shutters and PVC material shutters. Among them, aluminum alloy shutters have excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, while wooden shutters can create a beautiful natural style. The blinds made of PVC have the characteristics of strong water resistance, waterproof, and corrosion resistance.

When choosing shutters, you need to consider the quality of materials, construction difficulty and aesthetics. In addition, the color of the shutters is also one of the factors that need to be considered, because the color will directly affect the overall coordination of the house type.

3. Roller shutter

The roller blind is a common sunshade decoration material. Its advantage is that it is flexible and convenient to use, and it can be rolled up at any time when it is not needed. Roller blinds currently on the market are mainly divided into two types: vertical rolls and horizontal rolls. The horizontal roll type roller blind is more suitable for the roof part of the sun room, while the vertical roll type is suitable for the side of the sun room.

When choosing roller blinds, factors such as whether the material is waterproof, shading performance, and beautiful design need to be considered. In addition, users should pay attention to purchasing products with regular brands and reliable quality.

In short, the sunshade decoration of the sun room is an important means to ensure the comfort of the living environment of the sun room. When choosing materials, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the actual needs of the home and the decoration budget. I hope the introduction of this article can help you choose and use sunshade materials.