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What is a sun room and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a sun room? Source: Shanghai Shihua   Hits: 136    2023-08-03

Sun room is also called glass room, generally made of glass, metal and other materials. Building a sun room allows people to enjoy the sun and get close to nature. Generally speaking, sun rooms are built on balconies, terraces, gardens and other places. Imagine that on a sunny afternoon, invite three or five friends to drink red wine and eat desserts in the sun room, while admiring the beautiful scenery outside. Planting fruits and vegetables, isn’t it a wonderful experience to have a feast of fruits and vegetables grown by yourself on weekends?

Advantages of the sun room

1. Wide field of vision: the sun room has a very wide field of vision, and the heart becomes wider when looking at the outdoor scenery. In addition, the sun room is good for the growth of children and the health of the elderly.

2. Sufficient sunlight: The sun room has sufficient sunlight, which can supplement calcium for children and ensure the healthy growth of children's bones. In addition, sufficient sunlight can also relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis in the elderly.

3. Multi-purpose in one room: The sun room can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used as a study, a gym or a living room. The comfortable, natural and relaxed environment can bring you infinite joy of life and improve the quality of life of the owner.

Disadvantages of sunrooms

1. Material differences affect performance

From the point of view of material performance, the performance of sunshine room materials on the market varies greatly. For example, although the steel structure sunshine room has good air permeability, its thermal insulation performance is relatively poor. Although the Degaowa sun room looks very beautiful, it has poor lighting and high cost. Only the skylight at the top and the surrounding windows can help the sun room to light and ventilate.

2. High performance requirements for doors and windows

Generally, the load-bearing capacity of the sun room is relatively large. Its door frame is different from ordinary sliding doors. It needs to be made of high-grade aluminum alloy and steel, and the additional wall thickness and width dimensions ensure stronger support. In addition, the doors and windows of the sun room should use double-layer insulating glass, and there are special anti-collision strips and special sealing strips between the glass and the metal frame to prevent rain and snow.