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Eight situations where the sun room is not an illegal construction Source: Shanghai Shihua   Hits: 149    2023-08-03

1. Building small courtyards or sunshine houses on collective homesteads is generally not considered as illegal construction, but it is generally not considered as compensable area during demolition.

2. The construction of sunshine rooms on the terraces of private land in commercial housing is not illegal after approval by the property management company. It should be noted that the terrace must be within private territory.

3. Building a sun room in a villa requires the consent of the property owner. It is generally not considered illegal.

4. The sun room in the form of a closed balcony in a high-rise building will not be considered illegal if it is closed in a unified manner after the property owner agrees. The above mentioned basically will not be identified as illegal construction.

5. Sunshine houses built after obtaining construction land planning permits and construction project planning permits are not illegal constructions.

6. The homeowner needs to hold the relevant real estate certificate of the sun room area to prove that the real estate belongs to him and has the right to rebuild and repair it, which is not illegal.

7. If the sunshine house is built in a private part and does not affect others or affect the city appearance, it is not an illegal construction.

8. If the purchase contract states that the roof is privately owned by the owner, it is not illegal to build a sun room.