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The development stage of the sun room Source: Shanghai Shihua   Hits: 123    2023-08-03

The sun room can be divided into five development stages in terms of its materials and manufacturing methods: one is the sun room with pure wood structure, the other is the sun room with pure steel structure, the third is the sun room with aluminum curtain wall structure, and the fourth is the sun room with steel and aluminum structure. sun room.

1 After Columbus discovered the New World and before the Industrial Revolution, many tropical plants, flowers and fruits entered Europe. The cold climate in Europe could not adapt to its production, and European royal nobles liked to enjoy this kind of thing very much, so the royal craftsmen built some Greenhouses to meet the needs of nobles. Later, people found that these greenhouses are full of sunlight and green, so they can not only be used as greenhouses to grow tropical crops, but also can form a special space for leisure, entertainment, family gatherings and studios.

2 After the first industrial revolution, in the 18th century London World Expo, Britain built an exhibition hall covering an area of 80,000 square meters in order to demonstrate its industrial development. Its protagonist is a glass building with pure steel structure, which is the pinnacle of the early steel structure sun room. The mass production and application of steel at this stage further expanded the coverage of the early sun room. We can find steel structure sun rooms in American feature films such as "The Sound of Music" and "Time Machine".

3 In the first half of the 19th century, due to the construction of skyscrapers, a new building material, aluminum, was widely used in building doors, windows and curtain walls because of its convenient molding, light weight and high strength. At the same time, the modern lighting roof and lighting ceiling are also made of aluminum structure. And with the improvement of living standards, the conservatory has become an indispensable living space for middle and high-income families in developed countries. The sun room has become a way of life abroad. With the improvement of the income level of the Chinese people and the construction of a large number of villas and duplex houses, the sunshine house has become an unstoppable development trend of No. 1 Middle School. At that stage, people built their own sun room according to their own wishes, preferring natural wooden structures and industrialized steel structures. The aluminum structure has become the mainstream of the sun room at this stage because of the standardization of a large number of curtain wall materials.

4 The sun room with steel and aluminum structure is mainly because some sun rooms are too large in foreign countries. Due to the high strength of steel and convenient welding, steel frames and aluminum welding rods are used. Build a great sun room. In China (especially in Shanghai), because the sun room is a new thing and the price is high, in order to reduce costs, steel-aluminum composite (aluminum-clad steel sun room) is used. Steel is the main structure to meet the strength problem. , while aluminum is used as a surface decoration to make the sun room more durable and more beautiful. It can be said that the aluminum-clad steel sun room was a product in line with China's national conditions at the beginning of this century. Its advantages are high strength and low cost. The disadvantage is that the construction period is long and there is no standardization. During the construction process, there are many uncontrollable factors and the quality fluctuates greatly.

5. Sunshine rooms at home and abroad have entered a brand new stage, that is, the standardized sun room system (sum Rooms Stytem) produced in factories. In the UK, where the sun room originated, the annual sales of this type of sun room are as many as 400,000. Just imagine that in such a tiny island country, there are so many sales. It can be seen that the sun room is a veritable sunrise in China. In the industry, the sun room products can really be said to be a standard sun room system, which has not yet been formed. The real sun room system should meet the following conditions to be standardized. 1/ All profiles, components, and accessories are all standardized production, that is, factory production. That is, all the cutting, milling, drilling, tapping and other processing have been completed in the factory. The construction time of the sun room on site is greatly shortened, from 2 weeks to 2 months of the original aluminum-clad steel or steel structure construction time to 1-5 days. 2. Due to the continuous emergence of new materials, aluminum and its alloys have various forms of performance. Among them, the most suitable frame material for the sun room is titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy, numbered 6063. This aluminum alloy is 30 times stronger than ordinary aluminum doors and windows. %-40%, and the price is 1.5 times that of ordinary aluminum. The use of this aluminum alloy makes the sun room stronger and more stable. It has good performance in wind load resistance and earthquake resistance. 3. Since the sunshine room needs to be exposed to the hot sun, all plastic parts must have anti-ultraviolet function, that is, modifiers and anti-UV agents are added to the raw materials to prevent the plastic parts from yellowing and aging. Four/The previous packaging and transportation method has been changed. The sun room system makes the sun room so convenient to disassemble and assemble, and greatly reduces the trouble and cost in the transportation process, so that when people move, it is as convenient to take away a medium-sized sun room as taking away a piece of furniture.