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With a stylish appearance and light appearance, open and open freely, completely shape an open space, open and close the Holes, showing the ultimate beauty of products and space to bring you fun.

【Product name】: Alpha

【Product Models】:GR153E1 Series

【Product style】: Modern simplicity

【Hardware configuration】:German tylenol

Description Specifications after-sale warranty

【System Parameter】:

1、Maximum energy efficiency with window transmittance form≤2.0W/m2K(Uw)。

2、Maximum accoustic insulation:RW= 40 dB Categories achieved at test centre。

3、Air permeability:GB Class 8

4、water tightness:GB Class 6

5、Wind resistance:GB Class 7

【Design Parameters】:

1、Maximum size of open door:5800mm*3600mm

2、hermal barrier strip width: 25.3mm

3、Wall thickness of profile:2mm

4、Safety grade:RC 1(Can rise to RC 2)

More flexible configuration solution

Design and Structure of Double Door Sliding Doors:

1. Overview:

   - Introduction to double door sliding doors.

   - Explanation of their purpose and functionality.

2. Design Features:

   - Two doors that slide horizontally on a track.

   - Typically made of glass or wood.

   - Can be framed or frameless.

   - Various styles and finishes available.

3. Track System:

   - Description of the track system that enables smooth sliding.

   - Types of tracks used, such as top-hung or bottom-rolling.

   - Importance of proper installation and maintenance.

4. Frame and Panels:

   - Frame materials, such as aluminum, steel, or wood.

   - Panel options, including single or multiple panels.

   - Considerations for insulation, soundproofing, and security.

5. Hardware and Accessories:

   - Handles, locks, and latches for opening and closing.

   - Optional features like soft-closing mechanisms.

   - Accessories like blinds, curtains, or screens.

6. Benefits and Considerations:

   - Advantages of double door sliding doors, such as space-saving and natural light.

   - Factors to consider, such as size, weight, and maintenance requirements.

   - Energy efficiency and weather resistance considerations.

7. Installation and Maintenance:

   - Overview of the installation process.

   - Tips for proper maintenance and cleaning.

   - Common issues and troubleshooting.

8. Popular Applications:

   - Residential use in patio or balcony areas.

   - Commercial use in offices, restaurants, or retail spaces.

   - Other potential applications, such as room dividers or interior design elements.

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