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The beauty of Vienna

    The beauty of Vienna, from the inside to the outside, every detail embedded into every detail, unique design everywhere reveals the meticulous pursuit of quality of life, to meet customer demand for beauty, safety.

    【Product name】:The beauty of Vienna

    【Product Models】:GR120B1 window screen integrated series

    【Open the way】:Inside Out, outside out, inside out.

    【Product style】: Modern simplicity

    【Hardware configuration】:SIEGENIA

Description Specifications after-sale warranty

【System Parameter】:

1、Maximum energy efficiency with window transmittance form≤2.0W/m2K(Uw)。

2、Maximum accoustic insulation:RW= 40 dB Categories achieved at test centre。

3、Air permeability:GB Class 7

4、water tightness:GB Class 5

5、Wind resistance:GB Class 9

【Design Parameters】:

1、Maximum window size:800mm*1600mm

2、Visual width of window frame:60mm

3、Wall thickness of profile:1.8mm

4、Thermal barrier strip width: 24mm

5、Safety grade:RC 1(Can rise to RC 2)

More flexible configuration solution